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Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plan

Want to know what to do when it comes to marketing for your business?

We all know that businesses need marketing to grow and exist, but there are so many services to get when it comes to marketing that it is hard to know what will be the best for your business.

There are 3 phases when it comes to knowing more about your business and implementing the best marketing strategy:

  • Marketing strategy is the game plan for achieving the goals set for you business.  The marketing strategy consists of the “what” has to be done, “what” you deliver and how you inform customers about the product or service that you offer. It is also the “why” behind your company. The marketing strategy is the brainstorming step.
  • Marketing plan is “how” you’re planning to do it. It is the execution of the findings from your marketing strategy and the way to ready your marketing goals.
  • Implementation is when you take action to achieve items identified in the marketing strategy and marketing plan. We will also be able to do it for you when it comes to website design, SEO and social media marketing.

Marketing Strategy Packages

We offer workshops for you to develop your own marketing strategy and marketing plan, while being guided by our marketing strategist.

If you don’t have time to do your own marketing strategy and marketing plan, our marketing strategist will be able to develop all the documents for you and also set a planner so you can know what kind of actions you need to set to implement your new strategy.

We are available to help you implement any strategy when it comes to website design, SEO and social media marketing.

If your business change a few month after your established your marketing strategy and marketing plan, or you decided to change any strategy that will have impacts on your marketing, our team will be able to work on the documents we provided you at a reduced price. If any changes occurs, the majority of the documents will have to be reworked.

Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plan Packages


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • 3-months action plan


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • 6-months action plan


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • 12-months action plan

Worshop Packages

Strategy & Plan Workshop

  • (2) 1 on 1 consulting meeting
  • Assigned marketing strategist
  • Pre-session questionnaire

Finding Summary

  • Written overview of the findings
  • Recommendations for next steps for your marketing

Full Workshop

  • (3) 1 on 1 consulting meeting
  • Assigned marketing strategist
  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • Written overview of the findings
  • Recommendations for next steps for your marketing
  • Development of missing items from the workshop
  • 3-months action plan

A la carte Services

  • Market assessment

  • Market segmentation

  • Target Marketing
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Marketing plan development
  • Market Research


  • Non-refundable packages

  • Each workshop pack must be used within 3 months of purchase. Any unused portion will be lost.

  • All sessions are arranged in advance at a time and place that is mutually agreeable.

  • All sessions that are greater than 15 miles from our office will be held via Zoom (or other) unless otherwise arranged and travel expenses are compensated.

  • Each session is up to 2 hours and if for any reason the participant is late arriving then the session will be shorter, unless the time change is agreed prior.

  • A minimum of 24hrs notice is required to reschedule/cancel a coaching session. If we do not receive this, the scheduled block will be lost.

  • Sessions have to be booked via the booking page on the website.

  • Link to the pre-session consulting questionnaire will be available after scheduling your first session.

  • First 1-on-1 consulting session have to be scheduled at least 10 days after sending back the pre-session consulting questionnaire.


Social Media Engagement

Engagement is the interaction the public has with your social media content. It shows their interest and we can calculate the “engagement rate” by dividing the engagement volume by the number of users that could have triggered the action (most of the time the number of followers).

Engagement can differ with each social media platform. Twitter will include Re-tweets and followers, Facebook will take into consideration Shares, reactions (likes) and followers and Instagram Likes and followers.

Social Media Editorial Calendar

Social media editorial calendars are used to plan ahead of time what will be posted on your social media platforms and when. Some calendar apps allow to schedule social media posts in advance, manage campaigns, and track deadlines.

Community management

Community management is about relationships and opportunities to interact with the community. It is a way to answer people’s questions about a social media post, interact with potential and current customers, making sure to show that the brand cares and listen to the community.

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