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Digital Marketing Coaching

Power Hour Consulting

Who is it for?

  • Perfect for small business owners who have specific questions about their actual strategy.

  • Small business owners in need of individual and personalized attention to relieve them from stress linked to digital marketing strategy.

  • Small business owners seeking to optimize their business online presence.

Results / Outcomes

  • You will get feedbacks on what you already implemented on your social media platform.

  • You will get answers to several questions you have about the social media platform you selected.

  • You will get help to know what will be the next steps to work on.

  • You will get tips to improve your social media presence.

Price: $179

Product Estimated Time Estimated value
1:1 consulting meeting Up to 1 hour $125
Pre-session questionnaire analysis 1 hour $75
Pre-session audit on 1 social media platform or Pre-session SEO audit 1 hour $75
Total value of the package Up to 3 hours $275